Top Tips for Successful Senior Finance Job Specifications

Written by fintelligent

20 February 2023

The Senior Finance talent market is notoriously competitive and is currently highly candidate-driven. Subsequently, the very best talent is in great demand, so attracting the right talent to your organisation is a critical driver of success. 

One of the first elements of the hiring process is the job specification. This is your first opportunity to introduce your organisation and the role you are hiring for to potential candidates. It provides a unique chance to sell your business and set yourself apart from competitors; this allows a candidate to determine whether they have the skills and experience required. 

First impressions are critical and therefore it is imperative to the outcome of the search that the job specification is engaging and representative of your firm. 

Take a read below to discover our top 10 tips for how to write an effective and attractive job specification to entice the highest quality Senior Finance professionals to apply. 

1. Create a story 

Begin the job specification by providing a background to your brand and the journey the business is on. People typically want to be involved in being part of a business that has exciting plans, as such, explaining your vision helps people to picture how they can become a part of this.

2. Share your company values

Company values showcase exactly what is important to your organisation. Sharing them from the outset helps to ensure that the candidate’s personal values align with your company values. 

3. Set clear expectations from the start

As well as outlining the candidate’s role, it is important to also describe where their position fits into the wider organisation and the part they will play. 

4. Provide transparency on the whole package

We always recommend including a salary (or salary range) to ensure that expectations are managed. In addition, we also suggest detailing the other elements of the financial package offered. This gives candidates the whole picture as to what your company is offering, it is also best practice to detail how bonuses or other benefits are achieved. 

5. List duties clearly

It is important to highlight all duties the candidate will be expected to carry out. However, try to keep the list concise to ensure the main duties are not lost. 

6. Outline the hierarchy

Inform the candidate exactly who the main person they will be reporting to will be, don’t muddle the water here. 

7. Focus on what a candidate would want to know

Whilst it is vital to outline what is important to you, you should also think about what a potential applicant might find important too. This will help your job specification become more appealing to the very best candidates.

8. What does an applicant gain?

Aside from monetary benefits, what else do you offer? Be sure to detail benefits such as progression opportunities, incentives, flexible working hours etc. Detail the stand out benefits set yourself apart from competitors.

9. Don’t just think short-term

Often medium and long-term implications of a role are overlooked as people think relatively short-term. Ask yourself what will this role look like in two, five, and 10 years and what that will mean for the candidate. 

10. Know the market

In a candidate driven market, listing too many ‘must-haves’ can deter suitable candidates from applying. Try to limit this and give candidates an opportunity to explain why they are the right fit for the role at the interview. 

Fintelligent are experts in the appointment of Senior Finance professionals. We take great pride in our ability to efficiently recruit a highly effective, agile and high-performing finance function both on an interim and permanent basis.

For further advice and market insight, contact Divisional Manager, Ross Bull: 

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